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Github’s Latest Mobile App Releases! Now Supports Viewing And Downloading


Last year, after the release of GitHub’s official app for Android and iOS. The company committed itself to work on making the app user-friendly while providing an extraordinary experience for its customers.

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere.

Currently, it is one of the fastest-growing platforms that allow developers to access their projects in hand, while they’re not present in the development surrounding.

This newly added feature will be of great use when it’ll come to quickly download the latest app releases. Particularly, for those using open-source software that is not allowed on the Play Store, like John Wu’s Magisk Manager.

GitHub Making Things Simple!

GitHub is also very popular because most of its basic services are free of charge. Looking at the user base, it is one the largest hosts of source code in the world.

Reportedly, last weekend the company announced that it was adding support for browsing releases on its Android app. This will come along with the ability to download them. Both of these features were in heavy demand and users across the globe have requested this to take place for a very long time.

In a recent tweet, GitHub says, “GitHub for mobile now supports GitHub Releases! We’ve made it easy for you to browse release notes and download release assets on your mobile device no matter where you are!”

Simply speaking, mobile app for iOS as well as Android will now be supporting GitHub Releases.

According to a report by XDA, users who want to be able to access the update will have to update their app to version 1.4.14 from the Google Play store.

Once users have gone through the process of updating their GitHub application. Now, they can easily visit any project hosted on GitHub, such as the Signal app, or the Bromite browser.

As soon as you’ll visit the project’s home page, there you’ll find a new Releases tab visible on the top. This tab will show the latest release along with older assets uploaded by the project’s authors respectively.

The Future Prospects

GitHub is subjected to US trade control laws. Therefore, it is committed to full compliance with applicable law. At the same time, the mission of GitHub is to be the global platform for developer collaboration, irrespective of where the developers reside.

Nonetheless, it will be an interesting scenario, to witness how long the mobile app will be allowed to live the life on the Google Play Store. Considering the fact that Google doesn’t let applications that share other applications inside them stay in its Store.

The reason for this is because other application stores such as the Epic Games Store and F-Droid can still be sideloaded easily. But, since they are in competition with Play Store, they are not allowed to be available in the store.

Regardless, time will tell whether Google will allow the GitHub app to share apps and other releases from inside their app or it will be restricted.

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