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Star Wars: Republic Commando Is Getting A Limited Run Switch Release


Star Wars: Republic Commando is set to get a real conveyance briefly. The essential action squeezed the first-singular shooter is set to after a short time benefits from the PS4 and Nintendo Switch cautiously. Yet a Limited Run genuine conveyance has as of late been accounted for, too.

Star Wars: Republic Commando at first dispatched back in 2005 on the PC and the Xbox. The LucasArts shooter was dearest by various people for its key progressing association. A wonderful mission that followed the Delta Squad, and for its multiplayer. Lately, it was uncovered that the game is returning on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on April 6, 2021.

Release Date

Aspyr and Lucasfilm are working together with Limited Run Games. The very gathering that conveyed the genuine appearance of Scott Pilgrim versus the World to bring a real appearance for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch of Star Wars: Republic Commando. Pre-orders will begin on April 16, 2021, at 10 am ET, and they will be available for a four-week window.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Is Getting A Limited Run Switch Release

For Limited Run Games, Star Wars: Republic Commando is just the latest in a not inconsequential once-over of stimulating genuine conveyances. The file has been stimulating fans since the association started. And lately, Limited Run Games revealed that it showed up at 2.5 million copies sold over its five-year run heretofore; a vital accomplishment.


On top of the standard deliveries, Limited Run in like manner pronounced a $89.99 Star Wars: Republic Commando Collector’s Edition as well. It features workmanship cards, a SteelBook, a reversible pennant, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

The astounding position’s variant is a fair choice for tremendous aficionados of the game. The confined set will moreover be open to pre-demand on April 16, 2021, for a comparative four-week window. In addition, in a resulting tweet Limited Run uncovered that PC genuine appearances of Star Wars: Republic Commando were similarly on the way.

Aspyr’s Star Wars: Republic Commando will be available before the Limited Run Games genuine interpretations are readied. So any person who is on edge to play the games may imagine that its difficult to show restriction. Aspyr has been a critical distributer really for Star Wars fans. As it has brought back excellent Star Wars titles like Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, Star Wars Jedi Knight games and more. Whether or not it be Limited Run real conveyances or mechanized versions of those Star Wars rounds of old. Various fans are essentially happy to have the alternative to play those praiseworthy titles for sure on current consoles.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Is Getting A Limited Run Switch Release

Where to Play?

Star Wars: Republic Commando is out now on PC and Xbox, with PlayStation 4 and Switch variations planned to follow through on April 6.

In case you’re after a computerized variant of the game, Star Wars: Republic Commando will be accessible to download on April 6, 2021. Preorders are at present open on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Retailing for $14.99/£13.49. Star Wars: Republic Commando initially delivered on Xbox and PC back in 2005. In any case, the game’s storyline is not, at this point a piece of the Star Wars ordinance since the Disney procurement.

Star Wars: Republic Commando will dispatch carefully on the Nintendo eShop on April 6. Or you can hang tight for the Limited Run actual delivery, with preorders opening on April 16. What’s your opinion about this energizing declaration?

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