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Have you ever wished that by just thinking about your work and it’s done?? It sounds like a fairytale. Isn’t it?? The dream is going to be true as Facebook is going to introduce a wrist band device which will transfer the motor signals from your brain into navigating and interpreting the information that is going on and would perform the act that you want. It would use a computer allowing elctromyography to interpret the signals sent from your brain to your hand. In earlier times, who would have thought that technology would have enhanced so much that you need to just think about something and it would be done.

 It can be considered one of the fantasy world or a fairytale where you just sit and relax. Facebook has always been in developing something that is whole apart from others and this time too they have succeded in maintaining their reputation in this particular field. In earlier reports, Facebook confirmed about something extraordinary and sensational to be on you way. But the whole report didn’t mentioned about anything like a wristband that would feature everything you want in your own fairytale.


A video releases by the officials of the Facebook have stated all the specifications of the wristband. Starting with

  1. Facebook has used EMG that is “Electromyography” which is used to translate all the motor signals from the brain to your wristband.
  2. AR is attached, to ensure the rich capabilities and satisfying interaction.
  3. Battery life and wrist band has several additional features, a platform for compute.

These amazing features have been a dream for everyone and Facebook hasn’t let down their expectations

On seeing it would act like a normal wrist watch, but only the performer known the importance and value of it, wrist being one of the most traditional place to wear it, you can easily have all the social contexts on it.


The creators have mentioned about their projects and the intention why the most awaited wristband was created. The smartglass that is used on the phone screen has been given a go here too. It would maintain all the constraints like battery life and the heat that would be generated through processing. The creators always wanted to stay in front of the competition and 5-10 years ahead of everyone. Now you can interact with all the virtual objects and and can also control all the ambience through a frictionless move.

The objects at a distance could also be under the radar and you can control them through the wristband. It would act like a super power to you just like all the superheroes have. In the recent times, technology has advanced and let us know all what can be done through it. AI has done a lot in these things. Well it is up to the audience as how they use these technologies for their own benefits. It would also help us to connect with our loved ones more deeply and enhancing our lives to much further extent.

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