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Released on March 28, 2002, the Kingdom’s Heart has been one of the most successful and interesting games which are still going on with a good spirit and have made the childhood of the gamers the one to be remembered even when they have grown up. It was the only time when Disney allowed the gamers to use their own characters. Though there wasn’t a much-interested audience of the game when it was released slowly and gradually it has levelled itself up and has given the gamers an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Still, it is going on at a good pace.

Its most recent series that was released was Kingdom Hearts 3 that was released in 2019. The audience is expecting part 4 of the game to be released soon but the creators have already mentioned that they aren’t planning to do anything regarding the series. But there could be a surprise as the owners have already told you to be ready for something that you aren’t expecting. Thus there could be a reason why the audience has managed to put the expectation of getting part 4 of the series. You will get each and every update here so that you don’t have to run anywhere.

A series of action role-playing games was published and developed by Square Enix. It was the first collaboration with the company and Disney thus making it a success worldwide. With a rating of 4.6/5, it has been surely the game to be remembered for the ages.

The immense popularity of the series has made it a success since its release and even after its 19th anniversary, the gamers haven’t forgotten to share their views and happiness on Twitter. There were a lot of tweets regarding the game and the tweets were pleasing. Fans are sharing their amazing artwork all over the world. Regarding it, the official Twitter account of Kingdom Hearts has also released a special message for all their fans and other users who are a family to them for the past 19 years. Some of them are sharing their pictures while some are sharing the gameplay of the Kingdom Hearts memorabilia.

Along with it, there have been many other things that are going well with the game even after 19 years of it. Fans that do not have any special images or other things are sharing their emotions through a simple tweet by using the particular hashtag. The hashtag has been filled with images, videos and other special images that have given the creators a reason to celebrate with other partners. After all, it is a great milestone as the 19th anniversary is not a small thing to have. But still, the game is much more worthy and we would expect it to have some other milestones too.

If you have also enjoyed the game for a long past time then don’t forget to tweet regarding it and also give your views in the comment section regarding the gameplay and other features of the game.

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