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Lawn Mower Simulator Revs Onto Xbox And Steam This Summer, For Real!


Lawn Mowing Simulator is a real game and it’s going to hit the market this summer. We’ve seen simulation games like truck simulators, racing simulations, but now is the time for something different.

Initially, it might seem difficult to believe that the Lawn Mower simulator is a thing. But the team behind the creators of the Train simulator have made this a reality.

Lawn Mowing Simulator will be introduced to Xbox and Steam platforms. It is expected that the game will hit the shelves this summer.

What The Game Is All About?

Well, most of the players are aware of Farming Simulator, the concept which is harvesting, taking care of livestock.

The premise of Lawn Mowing Simulator is very simple, as they suggest you’ll control a Lawn Mower. You’ll be mowing lawns across the British Countryside with some realistic lawn mowing models.

Not only it is focused on grass cutting, but adding to this you’ll be running the whole business. Lawn Moving contracts will be provided, upgrading each of your mowers with parts like stripe rollers, grass collectors, and mulching kits.

This game is an experience in itself as, throughout the course, you’ll be finding your building, hiring and managing, and marketing their business. It is much more than just lawn mowing.

The level of detailing this game is bringing to the table is quite commendable.

Why Games like Lawn Mowing Simulator are needed in the Industry?

The idea of simulation games is to portray various real-life activities on the screen, giving players a real-time experience.

In this game, each lawnmower is apparently an actual model in real-life and the player is supposed to monitor its engine condition and blades. Adding to this, you even have settings for things like how short you want to cut the grass.

From watching the gameplay stream on the game’s Steam page, the lawnmowers even dip and wobble when nearing an edge, just like in real life.  This factor adds more flavor and realness to the game, making it more genuinely fun to play.

Considering the segments in the gaming market, not many simulation games like Farming and Lawn Simulator are available.

Gamers across the mainstream market are expecting pragmatic games like this. Therefore, in order to experiment and get into some unexplored segments of gaming, creators are now focusing on games that make things relatable.

Challenges For The Future

The gaming industry is evolving with every passing moment, Globalization and integration of different trends will be playing a huge role in the production of games like these.

Although, the gaming market is rigid in terms of what to expect and what not to. But this creates more opportunity for new creators as the industry is in a state of evolution.

These games are holistic and provide an opportunity for gamers to indulge in critical thinking and stimulates creativity at the same time.

Simulation games are challenging and maybe the new future of gaming, considering the current trends.

However, if you’re wanting to get your practice in before summer, you can sign up for the Xbox Insider Programme and play an early demo of the game from April 2 to April 16.

Lawn Mowing Simulator wasn’t the only weird game revealed at ID@Xbox. Games like The action-RPG, Nobody Saves the World and Moonglow Bay is a slice-of-life fishing RPG were also released.

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