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The Mercedes has revealed something new in their upcoming model which has revealed the hyperscreen which has been added into the cockpit. The owners have released a statement that the model is set to make its most awaited debut on 15th April. Though many models have that hyperscreen attached into the cars but this is the first time we will be seeing a hyperscreen embedded into the dashboard of the car thus making it as a whole new system for watch out.The Germany based luxury brand is all set to show the interior of the design for the first time since it’s release.

The screen has taken the place of the entire instrumental panel with the multiple displays that are merged to cover the 56 inches of digital real estate. The hyperscreen is contructed with a curved glass that is useful for the particular purpose.The size of the hyperscreen is 2.6 square feet long. The most awaited feature that is EQS has been also added and is meant to serve the counterpart to the S class. This will give the new Mercedes Benz a new look that was required from a long time. Now let’s see what else is required to get the design even more popular.

The interior of the car is the one to look for and has a beautiful white upholestry with a dark wood grain and comes out of many cracks from the inside of the car. The driver has a digital gauge cluster attached with it and is ahead of them. The owners have also embedded features for the passengers that are sitting in the backseat too. The passengers have been gifted a back screen so that they could look in the mirror with the several function that are given in the central screenscreen of the car.

The dashboard of the EQS flows into the door panels and is one of the best in the terms of the looks. It also features a detailed metal turbine like air vents above the touscscreen display attached with it. The leather spot seats that are added in the car for comfort have been given much importance than the previous cars. The LED lighting has been also taken as a part of the car and is enough for all the persons in the car to have a party and enjoyment in it. Though no one was expecting such an update in the new vehicle.

We are all set to receive a major boost in the field of cars and it was much needed for all the people who are interested in it. We are just few weeks away from knowing all the new features and updates regarding the car. The car has a two sound quality factory sound scapes: one is known as the silver scapes and another is titled as the Vivid Flux. These both are important for the proper functioning of the car and ensures proper comfort to all the passengers sitting in it. Dont forget to give us your views about the new car.

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