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Facebook Rolls Out Special Stickers For Holi, Download Them Now!


Facebook has launched special stickers on the occasion of Holi for its users across the world. The cheering avatars are live on the mobile app as well as on messenger.

The festival of colors will be celebrated tomorrow and the least we can do is to wish our loved ones. Facebook has paved a way to make this happen, these Holi-themed stickers will make this festival more fun.

Covid-19 has taken a toll on the celebration of different festivals across the globe. With Holi approaching, let’s see what Facebook has to say?

Online Or Offline, Celebration Is A Must!

Holi, is sometimes called the “festival of love”, considering this, people meet each other, keeping all the resentment asides. However, as we all know that physically meeting someone is still difficult. Families living in different cities, countries are finding it hard to unite due to restrictions.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Holi. “In the past two weeks, more than 4 million people in India have made over 6.6 million posts and comments about Holi on Facebook,” Facebook said in a statement.

Keeping this in view, the social media giant introduced the new Holi-themed Avatar stickers.

Users can also find these new Avatar stickers in the comment composer box by simply clicking on the smiley. If the stickers are not available in your app till now, try updating the application.

How To Use Holi-Themed Stickers?

In order to use the newly-themed stickers on Facebook or Messenger, users must create their new Avatar by going to comment composer.

  • Click on the smiley option in the comment composer.
  • Go to the sticker tab, now click on Create Your Avatar.
  • Now start creating your Avatar by customizing your skin tone and hair.
  • Once the Avatar is made, the Holi sticker will start appearing in your sticker library. Whenever you’ll post a comment or while using messenger, you’ll have an option to use them.

Google Joins The Celebration

Along with Facebook, keeping the spirits of celebration high. Google has introduced a fun feature on its search results page for smartphones as well as the desktop website. It is a special ‘easter egg’.

Basically, if you’ll search ‘holi’ or ‘holi festival’, an image of three bowls filled with color will pop up. Upon clicking or tapping on those bowls, the colors will be spread all over the place on the page, giving you a colorful search experience.

Multinational Organizations Promoting Cultural Values, How Important Is It?

Undeniably, we are living in strange times and as days go by things are becoming more and more unpredictable. Covid-19 has been successful in reminding us that without Global Cooperation, there is no future.

Facebook celebrating Indian culture internationally, is one of the biggest signs of global cooperation. Although, from a business perspective it is good for their huge Indian userbase. Still, we cannot undermine the fact that big corporations like Google and Facebook through their influence are promoting multiculturalism and pluralism which are vital elements of a healthy global society. On this note, let’s spread love and celebrate this beautiful festival of colors. Happy Holi!

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