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The new week will bring a lot for the lovers of Destiny 2 as the new weekly Exotic item merchant, Xur, will be found in random locations all over the map of the world in the game. They will be getting all the imported weapons and the return of the Xur will surely have an impact on the gamer’s energy level. The main aspect of the game is that we can even found him inside the tower also. Another few surprises are also on the way for the gamers and most importantly the location of the Xur will be having a big impact on the game.

The return of Xur has been always exciting for gamers as it always brings new surprises and other exotic items for the sale. Though the locations are unknown when found it offers you the rare gear in exchange for the other gears and you can collect it by demolishing the legendary gear or by completing the activities. Xur will be back in the business around 12 pm EST on Tuesday that is 31 March 2021. Like earlier, it will be having only a single weapon and armor for each class and will be helpful for all the gamers.

The items that will be dropping will have the same power as your character’s level.


A minigun that can be used in the kinetic slot. The business time perk increases the rate of fire and the weapons range when we hold the trigger for a long period of time. One of the best in the business and easy to use , it is advisable to pick it up whenever you have the chance as it offer much more features that you are not aware of.

2.  One-Eyed Mask

The one-eyed mask is a Titan helmet and can be best used for PvP exotics in the game. It is quite good . Though it still has a lot of disadvantages it can be the best in business for PvP. If enemies deal the damage to you, it will mark them. This helmet gives you the over shield.

3. Exotic Cipher Quest

The exotic cipher is the best quest that lets you buy old exotics from the monuments to the lost light kiosk in the tower. This week the Xur wants you to complete 21 strikes or to win the Crucible. For this, you need the items or the other currencies to pick these up. By doing this you will earn the following rewards.

4. Chromatic Fire

Chromatic fire is only useful if you are fighting a large number of enemies or a group that is on a good level. It will help you to get an extra elemental help against all the enemies.It gives you all the advantage that one needs.

5. Lucky Raspberry

Lucky raspberry gives you a chance to reset after getting all the damage and causing it to to chain even more effectively. Though it is considered to be pretty much normal and mediocre as compared to other Hunter Exotics but some players just love it and need something much more like this.

Now let’s see what happens when the gamers find Xur and get these amazing prizes.

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