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GTA 6: Rumors about Launch in October 2023!


GTA 6 is expected to be released somewhere down the line. (No official confirmation yet), at the same time, this release is going to give a hard time to GTA online. Although, the game belongs to the same series, still, there is an uncertain atmosphere regarding the shift in user base.

Since its release in 2013, GTA Online has a fan base of its own. According to gaming statistics, it is still one of the most played games out there. Therefore, it is being constantly updated by the creators to keep the ball rolling.

GTA Online was developed in tandem with GTA V and the response was beyond expectations. It has solidified its ground from there only, now to shake that, something stronger is required.


Will GTA 6 Outshine GTA Online? It’s Debatable

Well, there hasn’t been any announcement by Rockstar Games with regards to the release. But, speculations and rumors don’t wait for official announcements.

The GTA Franchise has fans across the globe, they’re looking for any possible hint concerning GTA 6. We know for sure that GTA V will lose its ground after the arrival of GTA 6, not completely but to a great extent.

But, will that be the case for GTA Online?

It is important for us to understand that after the release of a new product, the old product is not completely disregarded. We still remain attached to the value it has brought to the table.

Let’s take an example of GTA Vice City or San Andreas, despite the release of GTA 4 and 5, they have a separate player base. People still install Vice City and kill the notorious Diaz.

The case here is not black and white. Will players incline more towards GTA 6? Undoubtedly.

Will GTA Online be completely abandoned? Not at all.

Yes, the online edition will receive a shock, but, in order to do that GTA 6 must rise up the expectations of players.

Gamers are loyal by nature is true to an extent. Throughout gaming history, we’ve witnessed that. Whether it is Call of Duty or God of War, players have involved themselves in new editions without disregarding the old ones.

On the other hand, the possibility of GTA online shutting down will still be there somewhere down the line. It depends on various factors, one of them is how the new GTA 6 will be received?

In the gaming community, according to players and reviewers, there are many analytical reports being circulated. In which they’re considering every single possibility of how things will turn out.

One of the reports suggests that if GTA 6 is completely different from the online version, then there is a strong possibility for GTA Online to survive and be there for long, as an alternative game.

Furthermore, one more reviewer speculated the possibility of GTA 6 not being that good. Which is highly unlikely. But still, it can be taken into consideration. In that case, the game will get bad reviews, but, GTA’s reputation in the market will remain untouched.

However, there is no clear answer to all of this. Assumptions will always be there until the game finally arrives. So let’s wait and watch.



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