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Third Party Developers are planning their own tiles for Wear OS


Tiles which were announced by the Google in 2019 and are much equivalent of widgets for the smartwatches. Now, Google has announced the release of the Jetpack Tiles Library which will be allowing the third party developers to write their own Tiles for wear OS. Tiles have been one of the most important feature in the smartwatches. They are useful and allow the users to swipe left and right to quickly see the updated information or having the quick access to applications to support tiles. The new Tiles Library is in alpha test right now and will be releases in the spring. It would be available in smartwatches which are using wear OS after Google has its planned update.

Tiles use the case which includes displaying activity tracking information, playing a recent media file, sending a message to a favourite contact and many more features. Many brands like Fossil and Ticwatch who have been stuck with wear OS have been expected to take full advantage of the possibility to have the third part tiles. Tiles have been the most important feature in the recent mobile phones and smartwatches and still have the potential to even become a reliable feature in the future also.

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To simply tell about the Wear OS it is simply similar like a widget on Android which allows quick navigation and has got another features which helps you to get your work done in less time. They can also be tapped to launch an app on the watch or phone and can function very wells without affecting your phone performance . When it was announced, the Tiles could only be functioned by the Google but now they have allowed the third party feature to settle in and create their own custom tiles for their app and use it properly. This has been a major boost for all the smartwatches users in their routine.

The Jetpack Tiles library that have been added in the Android Studio will make it to function more easier and faster so as to ensure that the customers are very much satisfied and do not have any other problem with it. As told earlier, it is expected that it will be releasing in this spring of 2021 but the news has left the users to be much excited about it.

Being compatible with both IPhone and Android has made it one of the best in business but The exciting feature of Wear OS that can be used by third party users has made it even more interesting and has become the talk of the town suddenly. Now it’s upto the users as how they respond and how much consider it as one of the best smartwatches in the market. These new features have been incorporated by the Google in its planned platform update.

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