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Pokémon Go: Tornadus Therian Raid Guide, Best Counters and More


Pokemon Go has been ruling the gaming charts all over the world and it has now included another finest feature in it. On 16th March, 2021 the Therian forme of Tornadus is going to make its much awaited debut which will take over the Legendary Raids. This forme of Tornadus will be much different than others that were faced previously in the game. Lets go ahead in the article and find what we have for you guys in it and find out all the information regarding Tornadus which will be there by the end of tha March with you all.

Introducing the Tornadus will be a big move considering the phase of the game as they are one of the legendary Pokemons. Introduced in Gen V,  Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, along with it will be forming a legendary trio. The three Pokemon named and features include

1) Tornadus: The cyclone Pokemom

2) Landorus: The abundance Pokemon

3) Thundurus: The bolt strike Pokemon

They are the strongest and Landorus is the strongest of them all which is one of the best things in it. Since February Pokemon Go has given a lot to the gamers and in March told they are not short of exciting features with them. There is a lot of difference in it and the Incarnate formes.

Pokemon Go is a reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo. It uses mobile devices to locate the Pokemon. 

To download it from the play store click on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticlabs.pokemongo

The company has recommended to have atleast three to four players and to follow it if you are not levelled up as it may help you to learn the game properly. It is also advised tif you have two players then go for the lower levels. Therian forme thundurus is boosted by Rainy and Windy weather raising the CP and making them tougher to go down the level and will benefit you in the end as you will get a much higher CP. The Electric Moves will be much more stronger than the old ones And will be strong in the Rainy weather. Fighting in snowy and cloudy conditions will give a major boost to all the users.

Higher the CP of the Thierian thundurus moves more it will be perfect in the terms of attack. In sunny and windy weather the range shifts to 2503 CP to 2614 CP making it much more difficult to catch.

The weather conditions that will take to defeat the raid include :

1) Windy weather to boost flying type attack

2) Fog to boost the dark type attack.

3)Rain to boost the Electric type counters.

4) Snow to boost the ice type counters.

So are you ready to face the new Therian Forme Tornadus with its special features. It won’t be easy to defeat them but it will be exciting to fight with them. It is technically possible for all the high levelled trainers with the best counters to take the new tornadus in his therian forme. It will be a mega evolution.

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