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Pokémon Go: Alternative ways to find What is Inside Loot Box Style?


Pokemon Go has been one of the finest and greatest mobile game but still there are certain aspects which still needs to be viewed and changed. It has encouraged people to exchange real world money for game in currency to buy new and exciting features in the game which are not available.

Niantic has announced that it has started to begin testing of a new function for a “restricted quantity” of gamers allowing them to see what pokemon would possible hatch from the eggs of their stock. It would make the life easier for the mobile game users as they will get to know about the pokemon which has led the excitement in players about it. Though it is still not final about the feature as it is being tested on some users so as to get the reviews about the feature. Though many have claimed that it will be a huge success for the Niantic as new features add much to the game for the users.

“Trainers we are excited to share that we are beginning testing the place a restricted variety of trainers will have the ability to see which pokemon could hatch from the eggs from the given stock of the pokemons “. The niantic said in the released statement.

There are different types of eggs in the Pokemon Go which can be hatched by using an incubator after travelling a certain distance which is given on the main screen. Earlier there wasn’t much known about the egg and which pokemon it would hatch but now everything has changed as the game has added some new features for the game lovers. As the crowd for the game has increased therefore it has been a happy headache for the Niantic to let the new features come in. The eggs which are rewarded at random to players at the pokestop or from other friends have been on a roll and owners have been planning to change them as well.

Niantics Twitter account has also explained a lot about the new updates which may increase the followers of the game.  In the test it is shown that how you can tap on the egg and there after it shows you a list of the pokemons in the stock which are available to you and thus ensures you only which Pokemon you can get. Along with the pokemons listed the other information is also listed like the rarity of the pokemons and the energy levels and all other relevant things. Unfortunately it won’t show you that if the Pokemon is shiny or not

This replace has been done following the requests of the sports participants base-final August. The rarity of the Pokemon will show how much it will be important in completing the game. The game has been a huge success for the Niantics since it’s release as it was one of the most up to date concept for the audience and hence has been a transformation in the league of gaming platform.


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