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NVIDIA Reflex Makes a Mission to Improve Low Latency


Latency has been the biggest enemy of the gamers and has been causing a lot of problems to them. But now Nvidia Reflex has taken the problem into their own hands to solve the problem by adding support for competitive based shooter Overwatch. When it will be activated, it would reduce the latency in the game by around 50%. It will be functional if you have both Nvidia GPU and Nvidia Reflex-compatible monitor and if want to reduce the lag. Though it is not necessary to have new GPU’s as older ones will also benefit and won’t cause any such problem to you. Overwatch will support Nvidia Reflex for cards as old as GTX 900 series.

The results are significant, with the most important results coming from the GTX 1660 super which has provided a huge relief to the gamers as the latency was reduced from 63 ms to 31 ms with the Nvidia Reflex being switched on. This has been a major boost the to the gamers and seeing the setup they are much more excited about it. Though the real reviews will come after it will be used by the gamers but till now they can have a sigh of relief as they can now reduce the lag.

Nvidia Reflex is a revolutionary system latency measurement tool . It measures the time it takes for the resulting pixels to change on the screen. Before it was impossible to measure it but now it has been made possible for the gamers to measure it correctly. 

To know more about it click on https://www.nvidia.com/en-in/geforce/news/reflex-low-latency-platform/

Since it has been official that it will be released soon now the players will be able to react quicker to the enemy attacks this making the excitement level and the expectation of the gamers even more high. The overwatch comes with a latency Flash Indicator which can be enabled on a Reflex Latency Analyzer compatible monitor. It was tested in the Rainbow Six Siege and now will be finally available on Overwatch’s Public test region server. Another thing that is called Reaper has been designed to deliever frames to your eyes with in the given specific time so as the players enjoy the game to theri fullest. The creators have mentioned that they won’t give the chance to the gamers to complain at any point of the game as now everything will be in a suitable manner.

Earlier Overwatch was announced in January but due to some unavoidable circumstances the date of release was shifted but now the players can access the PTR who have latest Nvidia Drivers with them. It has an incredibly in depth explainer on how the tech works but we won’t go into that deep as it is not much of information for you guys. It also has a feature called Radeon Anti-Lag whose main function is to reduce the input latency on its graphic cards which can also be turned on for the Overwatch. For everyone else, it’s something to look forward to trying out in a future update.


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