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Mr.Bean Aka Rowan Atkinson Spotted performing something Crazy!


In the world there is not a better combination than cars and celebrities. Rowan Atkinson who is popularly known as Mr Bean to the audience is also in the list. He is Being a passionate car lover which is also shown in his TV Series named as “Mr Bean”. In the series he used to drive a citron green British Leyland Mini 1000 Mark 4 which was very much close to him. He had a fair share of accidents in the real too along with his camera life in his shows. He drives one of the most legendary supercars of the past 25 years.

British comedian alongside with his comedy skills also possess some business skills too. He sold his McLaren F1 supercar for £8 million($12.2 million) making much profit as the model was build in the year 1997. The car was also crashed twice and was still in a condition to be sold with a profit.The car is a beauty with its 6.1 litre V12 Engine and with 240mph of top speed. He crashed his car twice; once in 1997 and another time in 2011 in which his shoulder was injured but it was a minor injury. People claim that he is one of the true car lovers.

Mr Bean is a British Siticom which was created by Rowan Atkinson. It consists of 15 episodes. The series describes Mr Bean as “A child in a grown man’s body” as he solves various problems presented to him with his childish behaviour. 


After selling it, people are claiming that he made a profit of whooping £7 Million.The car was sold to a specialist dealer Taylor and Crawley and the buyer has almost paid the asked price. He tells that car was used for school runs and for cross-continental holidays. Though people are amazed to see that such an expensive supercar was used for such vague purposes but that’s how the celebrities are. They always do such work that amaze and shocks the people.

People have said that the model being gone for such a huge amount even after getting driven so much and in not much proper shape and condition can be because of its model’s rarity and its celebrity ownership. These things helped in elevating the car’s value. He should have been more aware and careful behind the wheel of his McLaren after his first crash but he likes to play with the danger and even in the second crash there wasn’t much scars on his body.

The struggle of Mr Bean is well known. He had a problem of stammering which made him as a point of joke in front of many people. Rejected from everywhere he started his own show named Mr Bean which brought a major success to him. The reason behind F1 has such a cult status among all the gearheads is due to the attention to detail the McLaren has put into it.

Though it is believed that he has made a lot of profit from the deal but his celebrity status has helped him a lot which is a blessing for him.

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