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Magic The Gathering Collector Finds A Rare Lotus Worth Over $10,000


There is a famous saying that “what happens, happens for good” and it has been proven true by a man named Michael who is a partner at a New York firm. His one questionable investment has become an unquestionably happy incident. The man was looking to enlarge his investments and decided to buy the Magic the Gathering cards and found the highly prized Black Lotus card by accidentally opening a vintage pack which has been considered as rare.

He has been playing Magic: The Gathering since the mid-90s and recently decided to go back to the stock market as nothing was going well for him. But after watching his investments not worth up as they were not stable, so he decided to go after the old cards as they were only going up in the value that made him curious about it. Therefore after discussing with his friend and having a bottle of wine together they decided to invest the same amount of the money in old cards rather than in the stocks and bought an unopened pack of cards from Magic: The Gatherings Beta set. But fate had some another path decided for him. It accidentally became a surprising experience for him that he never imagined.

One of the best and the most worthy card was found in Magic’s first two sets: Alpha and Beta, with a net worth of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars which are enough for a person to live a healthy and peaceful life. They are listed on the Magic’s reserved list which means they will never be printed again and thus makes them a limited edition. It is not a bad investment but can surely be a huge boost for someone who wants to be on the positive side of their life. The Beta Black Lotus that he managed to get is worth something of $5000 but the print quality of earlier printed cards is not much consistent and hence are not in much good shape which can be a little bit of headache for him.

Though Michael says that the money isn’t life-changing and he is also happy with the livelihood and his way of earning but still this money can be worth many things.  He has planned to get the card in a Royal quality case and put it in a bank vault till a professional collectable card grader can get into it. His identity and all the things have been done and investigated properly so that the money transferred won’t be an issue with him for his future purpose.

Thinking it as a game of luck people are not much into it and consider it as a waste of time and money but some who are fond of risks and want to do something extraordinary have invested in it and got some big prizes like the stock markets and mutual funds but still not every people has a golden arm with them for this purpose in their life.



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