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Is Sony’s First Play Station Office the Reason fot Late Night Drinks?


The Sony PlayStation has never failed to amaze us  with its exciting games and features and recently they have given a statement which will also leave you in a shock which is regarding it’s first office in the town. Established in 1993, the company’s major concern was to inaugurate an office in a town in which there were late night bars which could make the status of the company better as it would bind the people in playing games and enjoying at that time. They wanted a city which could be termed as a “Sleepless City“.

Ken Kutaragi popularly known as “The father of the PlayStation” began the search of this type of city and finally founded a city near Minato ward, “Aoyama-Itchome“. The main Sony office at that time was at Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward where all the bars were closed by 8 p.m which was a major issue for the company . Therefore when the talk was about to open first Sony Computer Entertrainment location, Aoyama-Itchome was choosen by the company staff and Ken Kutaragi. According to the officials of the company ,there is also a parent company of Sony which is Sony Music Entertrainment which is located in Japan and was responsible for all the parties and celebrations with all the known and recorded artists which were done whole night. From there the video game executives grew fond of tradition and wanted to have their business right there for the sake of growing it.

Sony PlayStation is a video game brand that consists of a console, controllers, handhelds and a phone. It was first released in 1994 . It has a strong series of first party gamers and has the best selection of games. 

Ken Kutaragi also shares the history as well as the current reforms in the technology and trends of the PlayStation games that are about to come in future including the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in this department. It will be a massive reform in the gaming world if both of these combine and end up giving the best result of all and thus making the gaming turning out to be a real experience for many of the gamers. Though there are lot of speculations that it would be release soon but the time that would be consumed to combine them would be much more than we are assuming.

Ken Kutaragi also added that then company used to gift a bottle of wine evey time the Tekken time used to ship a game to another city. They became so addicted to these things that after sometime they started following it as a ritual everytime a game was shipped or when an order used to come regarding the PlayStation. He also revealed that he was taken by surprise when in 2007 Microsoft didn’t gift them any type of liquor after the launch of Tekken 6 which was the first game in the series of an Xbox Platform.

We are sure that you were also left in shock when you heard about the story of PlayStation inaugural office but as said that great things always come up with some innovative ideas and Sony proved it right.


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