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HONOR YEAR 5: New Season and New Hero’s on their way


The season 1 of HONOR YEAR 5 was confirmed by the Ubisoft and the trailer named “ASUNDER” has been launched which has made the game into a multiplayer action game. The new date confirmed by the makers was 11th march in which new features and new contests  are in the game. Apart from this, three other themed-seasons are available in the game and each with its own battle pass which has made the game even more exciting for its audience. Along with the battle pass, a battle bundle is also set to arrive with the game. Several new updates are also about to come which has led the audience to get excited about it.

The patch size of the Year 5 Season 1 will be as follows:-

  1. Pc = 1.6GB
  2. PlayStation = 1.6GB
  3.  Xbox = 1.6GB

The Honor is an action fighting game which was released in 2017 for all the platforms like PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . The game takes you in the ancient times where you perform a role of a soldier such as Knights, Vikings, Samurais etc.

In the game, the users have been given a limited time frame in the game event(LTM) that is called as “HORKOS MASQUERADE”  that will let the players to prove their own stature to the Order of Horkos through a new 4vs4 game mode. A free pass will be also be available to the players during the event’s duration in which the player has to complete 30 tiers of the game. These things will add eagerness to the players and will increase the intensity of the game in a new way.

Though there is not so much news about the new updates of the game but the information that we have got is that there will be a battle pass for the players and there is an update on the warden as well. A new armor has been also released by the makers of the game which has made it the talk of the town and a reason why this new season is being rated highly. But once the full patch notes are released, you will be updated by us. The roadmap of the game has been given below for the interested ones.

Other updates include the pairing of Emotes that will include epic ledges, savage ganks or simply express yourself as warrior friends. The new seasonal customization is also there in which Ilma’s head is followed and joined by Chimera. They are provided with newest technological advances and shared resources for the game improvement. The makers have introduced new refined weapons and draperies which will make the characters look even more amazing and exciting for the gamers. The records of faction war have been also updated for the gamers. The changes have been listed below.

The platform has been set for the gamers and the new updates have made it as one of the best in business. Now it is up to the audience as how much they enjoy and make the owners of the game to be satisfied with their creation.

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