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EA Play Launches on Xbox Game Pass PC


The most awaited EA Play has been included with the Xbox Game pass has been added for the PC. Earlier it was stated that it would be added in November and would be originally available for the subscribers by December. But a last-minute change in plan on the releasing day, Microsoft gave a statement that EA Play won’t be released to the Xbox Game pass for PC until 2021 which left the Xbox users frustrated with the decision. But Microsoft wanted some more time to prepare something better for their users and for their benefit and experience. Now the EA’s game subscription service will be available for Xbox game pass subscribers on PC from 18th March(Thursday) at 5PM ET which is 2:30 AM Friday according to Indian Standard Time.

The new service will be added to the PC without any additional charges for the users or Ultimate subscribers. Although you need to have the Xbox app for Windows 10 and EA desktop installed before getting to play an EA game through the Game Pass. A tutorial video has been also released by Microsoft stating how to install the EA pass into the PC and how to use the given features efficiently and properly so that gamers can enjoy every bit of it.

To watch the tutorial video click on https://youtu.be/fkY6EuGPEAA

Xbox Game pass is a video game subscription service from Microsoft for use with its Xbox series X/S and Xbox One consoles and Window 10.

To boy Xbox game pass for 12 months membership click on https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K782P3N/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdb_imm_A9Z82QDDY529DRZEJVCQ

The Xbox Game pass Ultimate owners will finally get an EA play collaboration on PC which is going to bring around 60 new games for the users to the subscription platform. Now PC players can enjoy even more titles with their bought Game pass subscription. Xbox owners also have something to look forward to the announcement as some of the games have been found under same Rosebud Codename, suggesting that it could be played at both the platforms thus making the announcement as a success in the given field. Though the dates of game pass for PC and for FIFA 21 has not been released by the owners of the game but their recent statements have given a hint about the release date and hence the gamers are in relief and are waiting for the actual announcement.

The games that are most exciting and the gamers are looking for:


It is an action adventure game which is developed by Hazelight Studios. It is designed for a multiplayer action meaning to be played with another person or local.

2) SIMS 4

Sims 4 is a life simulation video game which is developed by the Redwood shores studio. It is fourth major title in the Sims story. It has received mix reviews regarding the gameplay and the plot.

These games have been on a roll and they have been making huge remarks from them. But the reviews that will be considered well will be only after there release and the owners are waiting long for them.

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