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AUDI RS5 Gets an Update as BMW4, Leads its Way in Drag Race!


The recent news will leave the whole automobile sector in a shock as the 2021 BMW A4 gets walked by AUDI RS5 in the drag race. You won’t get these types of news diurnal as BMW doesn’t gets out of the race so easily. The another shocking news is that MERCEDES AMG C63 was humiliated badly because of its low and dejected performance. Though there is not to much worry about the BMW as they are always toying with their technology for so many years and which has also led them to success at many times but this time they failed with their experiments.

It was the first drag race in which BMW had to get walked by any other model but as said that “Comeback is stronger than the Setback” we all expect BMW to rise up and give equal competition to others and make it look worth the watch for others. On the another Mercedes has also a lot to think about the future as they were badly humiliated in the drag race by AUDI RS5 and BMW A4  which are worrying signs for them and their company.

The other drag race that is worth the watch will be between the AUDI RS5 and other BMW cars as they are only going to add xDrive to its sports coupe which is not much of transformation and can also be the another reason for their loss in upcoming drag race. Quattro a sub brand used by AUDI to indicate that all wheel-drive technologies are used on specific models of its automobiles has always been a part of RS formula.

The RS5 Coupe is one of the least powerful car in this drag race as it gives only 444 hp(horsepower) which is not much suitable for the drag race and makes it another reason for BMW to loose the upcoming drag race. Though BMW still has a lot of firepower in them but it never fully catches up which has been a problem for the company from the ages. Despite coming last in the drag race Mercedes AMG C63 is still loved by the audience as it is the last car of it’s kind. It’s kind here means that it is a family supercar for all occasions unlike the BMW and AUDI  which are available in just two outputs which makes them least favoured for the required job and hence not much loved by audience.

In past times there has been a huge demand for Mercedes AMG C63 as it is a wide arched  and has a outrageous look which make it a first choice for the users. All for variants in standard are available in it, a Race mode and a traction control which helps you to turn up or dial down the assistance you like for yourself.

Thus going with the drag race Mercedes still has a long way to go whereas BMW has just a little bit to do with their experiments and Audi has been doing great which is a good sign for them.

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