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Silent War Chapter 122: Get Ready For Manga Series!


Not long ago the Silent War Chapter 121 was released and the audience admired it with the full support. Seeing the craze and excitement of the series, the creators have decided to launch another chapter which will be Silent War Chapter 122 and the fans are now already wondering about the release date and other relevant information about it. Not many novels get this type of hype but this has surely become the talk of the town after it’s previous chapter and everyone is looking forward to it. They have high expectations with the premiere of season 2. Before it novels like web toon, manga got this type of hype and they lived to the expectations of the audience.

After its release from august it has not disappointed the fans with any of its scenes and have given them enough reasons to read it again and again despite knowing the theme. The animated novel has made itself one of the biggest topic discussed between the fans. It is quite similar like manga which was also one of the biggest talk in the novel industry. Though the storyline is almost same but the characters and other things differ and this let’s the readers to read the chapter 122 with utmost curiosity.

The release dates have not been confirmed as the creators are looking to create some more excitement between the readers so that they get the audience on their feets for the particular chapter. They do not want to deviate the release of it from the official schedule. Though it is expected to release at midnight according to the korean Standard Time. The creators have confirmed that the English Translations of the chapter 122 will be released shortly after the prescribed time and the time will be updated to you guys here after it’s short release.


Now let’s get back to our main thing which most of the audience hates and is popularly known as “SPOILERS”. We are advising you to read this only at your own risk.Though we don’t want to give spoilers but some of the audience wants it so here we are.

1) Jin woo summons 20 creatures whose magic power is measured by Jin- Cheol all of them being ranked from A or B.

2) The Ahjin Guild is finally made official and a large crowd forms around Jin-Woo and Jin-Hui in front of an A- rank gate which is a main spoiler.

3) Just before they enter the gate, Jin-Cheol appears in full armour and asks if he can join them on the raid.

4) He explains that he has been given permission to enter so he can watch how Jin-Woo raids.

5) Three hours pass and the next thing we see is Woo Jin-Woo Cheol meeting with the chairman, where he starts to tell the story of Jin-Woo’s exploits.

Thus these were the spoilers and the other relevant information which we wanted to share with you guys. For more information stay connected with us and we will provide you updates regarding every thing.


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