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IBM’s Rob Thomas Describes the AI Trends To Shift with Hybrid Cloud


In the recent times Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most important skill and has seen a spike in the AI models in production environments. It is Still in its early phase but people already already considering it as the future of the Science and for the day to day use too. It is mostly used in Cybersecurity, online shopping, machine translations and many other activities. Everyone is looking forward to it as the change in technology has always offered a lot the society and the progress it makes has always been considered on a positive side for us.

In addition to it Rob Thomas who is the senior vice president for Software Cloud and data platform at IBM has kept his views about how the new technology of AI will impact this era on a positive note by evolving it as hybrid cloud computing becoming the new norm in the enterprises. He revealed that IBM has formed a software-defined networking group which will help to expand AI to get an edge over other computing platforms and to bring a reform in the society. Though in AI they have still a lot of work to do but beginning of an era is on the way.

Rob Thomas is a senior vice president of IBM Cloud and Data Platform. He directs IBM’s product design and investment strategy . Previously he was the general manager of IBM and has created a lot of opportunities for the company.

In the interview he said that Covid-19 has done a lot of damage to the financial planning and budget but as the situation is getting normal we are expecting to work with more speed and endurance to ensure that it is released as soon as possible.He also added that there is a shortage of data science skilled people which is slowly changing. Though everything can’t be done with manpower that’s why we are using softwares for it.

He stated that we focused on mainly three areas for AI.

1) Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In terms of language we had the best NLP. All the documents understanding, semantic parsing of text and all are done really very well.

2) Automation

The models that we have got are very much good models for automate business processes. It has done a quality work which is very much appreciable.

3) Trust

The most important thing which is ignored by everyone is trust. Nobody invests in to build a data lineage model or bias detection. These are the basic things that one need to understand to build a good model.

Coming to the conclusion Rob Thomas stated that AI will be everywhere with data science because both are connected at some stage. It will be a long term trend where everyone has to do the analytics, AI and Machine learning to get an edge amongst others. There is a real distinction between a rules based system and true learning machine that gets better over as you get much more information with you. There is no limit for anyone to learn.

To learn more about AI click on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence


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