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Find COVID-19 Centers: Apple Maps to the Rescue!


Its been a year since many governments imposed lockdown in their country and can be termed as a good move by them but now we have produced the vaccination and a good news for the Apple user is here as now they can find the covid vaccination center from the Apple maps. Though the feature is only limited to the people living in US but still if it becomes a success the other users may also get the benefit from it.The vaccination centers will be found by a site named Vaccine Finder which is created by the Boston’s Children Hospital. After updating the app the users will be able to find the vaccination centers or can ask the Siri. The Apple has confirmed that there are almost 20,000 vaccination centres and are adding more to the list.

It will also show the contact details of the Covid Vaccination centers as well as the other necessary details of it. Although Apple has confirmed that the users won’t be able to book the appointment in the new update but will surely try to add the future to book the appointment in later updates. The feature was rolled out in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and the US. Now it is upto the creators whether they release the app in India which can be a major success for the creators.

Each vaccine site listed in the Apple maps would include the opening hours as well as the contact information. With the new feature, Apple has joined the list with other tech companies which are providing the option of finding the covid vaccination centre. Apart from this update, Apple has also ensured that the users get the option to find the coronavirus testing centres too which is a feature that will help the users. The tech giant also has the feature of finding the latest news about the pandemic. This has been one of the most important features which have made it the talk of the town.

Notably, the company has also added a special panel which is called as Covid 19 info on the Maps which will provide you with all the necessary details. It also provides a seven-day trend based on data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Thanks to those researchers because of whom the covid 19 vaccination drive is available in all the parts of the world. Users can find the Covid-19 applications on the topos the search bar by selecting Covid 19. This mobility data mah prove to be one of the largest movement which can be successful for the local government and the insights. It can also be used as a foundation for the new public policies and the new jobs which can be given to the local people in order to curb unemployment.

Thus now it is with us how do we take this step and how can we respond to the movement originated by the government which is only for the benefit of their own people.


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