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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Will Return With New Titles


The month of march has always been exciting for the gamers and now they have been gifted a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the most interesting and visionary games which rebuilds and expands the legendary RPG. There have been many new features and updated included like the Immortals Fenyx Rising and the inclusion of many more great titles in the competition which has increased the excitement of the gamers even more. Released in March it has done quite a business and has rapidly increased the sales of other games too which has made a rapid increase of 33.7% over year increase in the net sales.

The mobile compilation is planning to bring all the Final Fantasy VII extended universe’s stories together in one place which will be having amazing loot boxes. It drove the growth in digital sales and licensing income for square. Though the operating income has still rose to 47.7% over the year due to growth of recurring revenue. From the new update it has been notices that the creators have invested a huge amount in it and now it is upto the audience to give the positive reviews or the negative ones.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a 2020 action role playing game developed and published by Square Enix. The gameplay combines real time action with strategic and role playing elements.

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Talking about the game and the features, it delivers a depth of inconceivable for the original. It has mind blowing story with unforgettable characters and epic battles.

In the storyline the world has fallen under the control of Shinra Electric Power company. The city called Midgar which is an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalance has stepped up into the resistance. A former soldier of the group named Cloud  Strife lends his aid to the group and is unaware of the consequences and other fatal things that are on the way.

The other details that are important are listed below:

1) Origin of the Resistance :- This is to show how some of the main characters of the game started their journey and levelled up. Discover their stories and try to master each of their attacks and strategies.

2) Decide how you want to play :- It features a hybrid gameplay which merges all the real time action and other things with it. It is a strategy based game.

3) Unbridle a specially made weaponry :- Try to gain a upper hand against the Shinra by unleashing and releasing a specially made weaponry, powerful tools and magic powers. Also try to upgrade the tools to unlock special powers.

4) Explore Dark World :– Dive deep into the heart of neo-noir metropolis of the Midgar. Try to unreveal all the secrets and find what is inside the dark world.

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