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New God Of War Comic: Releases with a link between Egyptian Gods in New Installment


God of War: Fallen God has finally come on the scene, with lots of excitement, thrill, and new twists. A new comic book series is possibly giving us hints regarding the involvement of the Egyptian gods in the next PlayStation 5 installment. This new revelation fills the story gap between God of War III and God of War (2018).

In the new comic, it is revealed that Kratos, the protagonist, actually traveled to yet another land before Midgard and that was ‘Egypt’. Midgard is a major location in God of War (2018). It is one of the Nine Realms of Norse Mythology.

GOW: Fallen God is expected to give details about Kratos’s journey which will include the physical as well as spiritual aspect. In the story, Kratos has endured a lot to get to the Norse realm, but before any of that, the Ghost of Sparta first took a quick halt in Egypt.

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As the curtain raises, Kratos is trying to rid of the Blades of Chaos, which was his weapon for the first three parts of the story.

The blades reminded Kratos of how Ares violently wiped out the barbarians and gave Kratos the Blades of Chaos as a sign of his servitude. As Kratos is dealing with his inner demons it seems natural for him to abandon the blades. But, it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to get rid of those, they kept growing back.

Therefore, Kratos’s desperate attempts to fight his demons bring him to the land of Egypt. In Egypt, he came across three new characters: an old man, a monkey, and a talking bird.

The Old man who seemed aware of Kratos’s journey and the demons haunting him, claims to know him but got dismissed by Kratos.

After that, he continued on his quest to find his desired path. One day, a monkey confronted him near the pond, criticizing him for running away from his dark past.

After dismissing the beast, Kratos moved forward finding a big bird speaking to him. The purpose of these three creatures was somehow, reminding Kratos that he cannot run away from himself. Confronting your demons, your true self is the only answer.

The true identity of these characters hasn’t been revealed yet. According to reports of speculation by Gaming Bible, new characters might be the Egyptian gods Heka, Thoth, and Khonsu, the latter of which might be familiar to fans of Marvel’s Moon Knight.

As far as we know, the story is in process, it will grow, and only time will reveal, what exactly the role of these characters will be.

To this date, there is no announcement from the concerned authorities with regards to the next installment in the series. Where all of this leads? Still, remains a question-begging response?

However, God of War: Fallen God is a gift for longtime admirers of the series. It has been successful in attracting new fans with this breathtaking storyline from the Dark Horse Comics series.




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