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Boxing Legend Maurice Watkins Fights COVID-19


Houston boxing legend Maurice Watkins and his wife Cindy Watkins have been through the most challenging year of their lives and came out stronger. Maurice Watkins, also known as Termite, a former professional boxer and Houston’s star, contracted COVID-19 in mid-April, 2020.

Consequently, within 24 hours of being admitted, he called his wife to let her know that his condition had worsened and he was likely going to be intubated and put on a ventilator. Before dialling his wife’s number, Maurice thought that it was going to be the last time he’ll hear Cindy’s voice.

In an interview given to OnlyAGame Magazine, The couple recalled the past events, “What do you say when you think you’re talking to the love of your life for the very last time?” Cindy says. “I just said, ‘I love you with all my heart,’ and he said, ‘I love you, too.’ And I just tried to be strong while I was on the phone and just said, ‘I love you, and we’re going to talk later. You just be strong and fight.’ Cause I knew he was a fighter.”

His wife, family, and his team of doctors were concerned about the recovery process. But like the fighter he is, Watkins kept battling and landed on the road to recovery.

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He almost had a near-death experience as he was on the ventilator for 18 days and in the hospital for 30. In the words of Watkins,” It’s almost like you’re being covered up with something, and you’re gasping for air.”

He continued to see plenty of highs and lows since he returned to health. On June 5, his mother, Wanda Watkins, passed away. He also lost his job in the last year. Despite all the challenges, he kept his chin above water and came out stronger and better.

Watkins is 63-years-old, but his career in the ring is unforgettable. The name “Termite” is understandable, considering his family owned a pest control business in Houston. Watkins was a golden glove champion, winning the nationals at only 16 years old. Later on in his life, he created Fighter Nation, a faith-based boxing program for kids who, like he once did, are looking for an alternative to street life.

His journey is evident in the fact that by looking at your struggles right into the face you can build yourself up.


The Watkins are a family of faith. Their belief in God and their love for one another, they mentioned, have seen them through this. They are stronger for it, grateful for each new day together.

Learning from their tragic experience have made them appreciate things much better. After complete recovery, Watkins said, “I’m excited to wake up in the mornings and I wish everybody could have this feeling.”

Undeniably, this is a powerful statement in a world where we are constantly complaining about things we don’t have, many times we forget to be grateful for the things we do have. Not letting the negatives overpower the positives is one of the foundational rules to be grateful.

The Watkins family has become a beacon of hope and tranquillity for people who are going through similar struggles. At the same time, showing the world the power of belief.


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