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Poco teases a Poco F1 successor, Product Launch Soon!


 Only a Poco can beat a Poco” is the statement made by the smartphone maker, POCO, in an open letter for its fans. The company stated that till the present date there is no smartphone out there in the mainstream market which has been successful in giving tough competition to Poco F1’s price-point while delivering similar performance.

Poco F1, which was released in 2018, is undeniably one of the most significant releases in recent years. It proved itself by setting an example that, one could get a powerful performing device without spending a fortune on it. It’s no wonder that there were constant demands for the new and upgraded version but the smartphone maker kept dismissing them, until this week, in a public letter, it gave a clue that there will be a successor to the Poco F1. However, by a different name. The letter gave the needful information with an element of humour.

Interestingly, in the letter, the company also said that the costs and tax rates have increased since the phone was released in 2018, and we live in a different world. It is also indicative of the fact that last year the Indian government increased the goods and service tax (GST) on phone components, which eventually makes it harder to keep the price down.

Poco hinted that the next device it’ll be released will be similar to the F1 today, but the name will not start with an F. In other words, if we have to be speculative, Poco India’s letter is suggesting that the Poco F1 successor will actually initiate a different series, with a different name. As it is very much clear that the letter X is written in bold. Perhaps, an X-series device. Fans can derive only a limited number of conclusions with the given information, so the question is, what should we expect?

One thing which is evident is that living up to the expectations set by the Poco F1 will not be easy. Even if they come up with a competitive device, then managing the price level will be challenging for the company.

The word in the market gives a clue that, there is a good chance that Xiaomi might rebrand the recently launched Redmi K40. Poco has rebranded Redmi smartphones in the past as its offerings for India and global markets. Hence, it won’t be surprising to see Poco repeat the same with its next performance smartphone.

On the Contrary, discarding the F series will also raise questions in the current market, as it has a separate fan base. Although, the users will go for a better performing device.

There have also been rumours of Poco X3 Pro coming up, and this name is in line with the Poco X-series suggestion which can be clearly seen in the word ‘eXpectations’ mentioned in the letter above.

There is still no word on the exact launch date of the new Poco smartphone but the company has already raised the bar of expectations, giving us a blend of information, humour, and optimism in its letter.

Will it really be able to meet those expectations?

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