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Wyze Labs, also known as Wyze is a U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington, that specializes in smart home products and wireless cameras. Well-known for its affordable products, that meet the same quality standards as many other higher-priced options in the market.

The tech company, obsessed with making smart home products accessible to everyone has come up with another bang, this time it’s a Robot Vacuum, which focuses on better home comfort through efficient cleansing.

Wyze Robot Vacuum is loaded with tech, going way beyond cleaning to bring out a truly smart vacuum at an affordable price. According to the current trend, there is a saying in the tech industry regarding robot vacuums, ‘if you’ve seen one robot vacuum, you’ve seen them all.’ It implies that there’s nothing that visually sets the Wyze Vacuum apart from hundreds of other vacuums out there in the market, but, the price at which this deal is offered, makes it stand out in this sphere. The price at which it is offered is around $250, which is still very cheap compared to the competition.

What’s So Special About it?

Wyze Robot Vacuum has a laser sensor installed to map out the environment, to be more precise, it scans 2,016 distance points to navigate its environment by using a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanner installed in it.  The user can effortlessly edit map data, to specific areas like rooms and hallways for targeted cleaning.        “Customer feedback revealed that a robot vacuum without LIDAR just didn’t cut it in the home,” Wyze co-founder and CEO Yun Zhang said in a news release.

There is an interesting feature that will allow you to create virtual walls by using the Wyze app. it creates virtual walls where the Wyze Robot Vacuum will not clean. With help of the app, the user can schedule cleanings and maintain records. The Wyze Robot Vacuum offers three suction levels which include, quiet, standard, and strong, topping out at 2,100Pa. These options will let you control suction power, noise level, or a balance of the two.

In terms of battery life, Wyze says the robot can clean for up to 110 minutes in standard mode. Wyze says the robot can handle carpet up to an inch thick, and cross heights of up to 0.8 inches and according to the majority of the users, it has no trouble climbing up on tall rugs.

Undeniably, there are vacuums with similar features but they often cost several hundred dollars or more, such as Roborock, which sells its S5 Max for $600. On the other hand, Wyze is providing great value in the world of autonomous vacuums.

Founded in 2017, formed by former Amazon employees. Wyze was initially known for its WyzeCam, a low-cost home security camera. But the consumer hardware start-up has since diversified and expanded into new product categories to further build out the smart home and offer such things as a Wyze thermostat, video doorbell, door lock, headphones, and more.

‘The company’s vacuum fills a sweet spot’ CEO of Wyze added, ‘providing premium features at an entry-level price.’

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