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This Morning Ranj Singh Slams Government Over Coronavirus Pandemic Response: The Government “could have and should have done better”

The ITV’s doctor Dr. Ranj Singh slammed the government’s response following the announcement that the UK has the highest COVID-19 death toll in Europe.

The doctor said he was “sick and tired” of justifying the government’s decisions related to the pandemic. He discussed the new numbers with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. The UK has become the first country to pass 50,000 deaths in Europe from the pandemic. It is also the fifth country in the world with the highest death toll behind India, the US, Mexico, and Brazil.

This Morning, with Lorraine and GMB, ran a special called “All Doctors on Deck” today. Dr. Hilary, Dr. Zoe Williams, Dr. Amir Khan and Dr. Singh all discussed coronavirus news on the show.

Dr. Singh said that the government “could have and should have done better.”

Viewers seemed to like his statement for “saying it like it is.”

Dr. Ranj Singh Slams Government Over Coronavirus

Holly Willoughby asked the doctor what he made of this new death toll, and his response was that they were “grim and horrible.”

The doctor had just been asked by host Holly Willoughby what he made of the new death toll, who said they were ‘grim and horrible.’

“I am sick and tired of justifying the actions of the government now, I think. I think we could and should have done better than this. We are the fifth behind India, Brasil, the US and Mexico, we should have done better than that. We could have done better on PPE, on protecting people and staff, especially, we should have done better on tracking and tracing, ”he said.

He also added “Who would have thought that giving contracts to your mates wouldn’t work out quite so well?”

This was a reference to the analysis that shows the government handed about a billion in contracts to companies that were “friends” of the Boris Johnson government.

However, in the end, he ended the show on a positive note, saying that we might be taking a step in the right direction as of now.