Storms in Mountain Pass Disturb Snoqualmie Pass Travelers and Interstate 90

Snow is falling in the passes. Heavy snow will continue to pile up on the mountains, making travel over the passes difficult in the coming days.

The Eastbound I-90 is closed. It has been closed since around 5 AM today. Due to near whiteout conditions, crashes and spinouts have been plaguing the area. The road reopened around 6 AM. Chains are now required for any drivers in the area.

Friday morning in the lowlands, breezy and rainy weather is in the area. The rain is supposed to stay steadily through most of this morning, hopefully tapering off later in the day. It is reported to be an isolated thunderstorm as of now. As of this morning, 11 inches of snow has follen at Snoqualmie Pass. 21 inches have accumulated at Mount Baker.

New heavy snow could bring a foot or more by Saturday night.

Thursday night, the I-90 closed in both directions around 11PM. Spinouts and collisions due to snow were the cause according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Now both directions have reopened, but drivers have been warned to use caution, slow down, and leave place for drivers.

Low pressure is expected across the area Friday. The breezy weather is also supposed to continue into the weekend. Snow will fall on the mountains and another food at least will be on what falls tonight. In Snoqualmie, it might change to rain before morning. Travel plans may be canceled in light of this.

Aside from the breezes in the lowlands, there will be showers, but not constant rain. There is a small chance for thunderstorms this grand Friday afternoon, but these crazy chances are super low.

At the Pacific beaches, there will be beach erosion around the 16 foot range. Nothing extreme has been reported however. Minor flooding may also occur, but weather reporters say it is nothing to worry travelers about.