Friday the 13th Memes 2020: Twitter reacts to the unluckiest day of the year

It’s Friday the 13th. And with it landing on a year like 2020, people have been making memes about it almost nonstop since they realized. COVID-19 has made this year particularly terrible. Not to mention, we’ve lost plenty of celebrities we love in this year. Twitter has been ground zero for reaction, so here is what we found when we looked.

As you know, every time a month starts on a Sunday, there will be a Friday the 13th. It’ll only happen maybe one or twice every year. And while this day may in actuality be just like every other day, for some people this day is very important. For many Americans, this day is a day of superstition, bad luck, or just a great time to make pop culture references.

Right now, social media is taking advantage of thttps://twitter.com/redtarget14/status/1327248618185744384?s=20he year and day. They’re claiming that it’ll be unluckier than normal because of everything that’s going on. But something even worse happening on this day would really top off the year.

Here we’ve compiled some of the best memes to share with you: