As the PlayStation five brings a new generation of games to the industry there is crossover with older ones.

PlayStation five

As the PlayStation 5 brings a new generation of games to the industry there is crossover with older ones. However, there’s no need to buy a new version of the game you already own. Specifically, the PlayStation 5 was specifically designed to detect if you are playing a game that can be freely updated. That is to say, you don’t have to buy the PlayStation five version of the game to enjoy it. this is an impressive feature on a device already full impressive feature. Additionally, it makes things easier on gamers both financially and with the game experience. Specifically, is extremely easy to download/update this category of games.




The PlayStation five free downloads/updates will occur almost automatically. Almost in that they still require the owner or gamer to initiate the update/download. Most, if not all PlayStation for games require a link to the game store and a player’s store account. when the PlayStation 5 interfaces with the account it detects if the account has a game that can update. More specifically, the PlayStation five will prompt the player that there PlayStation for game can be upgraded. This includes most of the recent PlayStation for game releases such as assassins Creed Valhalla. The PlayStation five detects the existence of the previous console version of the game.

It will then flash and icon stating the game can be updated for free to the PlayStation 5 version. Simply go to the game store and then select the upgrade icon. This will initiate the upgrade of your current game from the PlayStation four to the PlayStation five version. Of course, it since the PlayStation five is backwards compatible it is possible to accidentally upload the old version. So before initiating the final update sequence simply check the stats to determine which version is updated. once it’s done, you can start enjoying your games on one of the most advanced game consoles, in the world.