Target denies the rumor that PS5’s would be shipped without a box

As PlayStation 5 units are getting ready to be shipped out, those that preordered from target have received slightly concerning message. This message claims that the next-gen console will not ship inside the different box, but shipping labels will instead be put on the box from Sony.

Naturally it’s kind of message could lead to a bit of distress, since potential thieves will be able to see exactly what is in the box on your front door. Fortunately, after reaching out to the retailers, people have discovered that it was likely sent an error. Take a look at the tweet below.

Should you be worried about your PS5 being stolen?

Hopefully this is true for everyone that preordered the console from the retailer. Apparently, Target has previously sent out warnings like this before. Lots of retailers ship items like this and the results can be catastrophic. Since many people preorder the PS five, and will likely be at work when the item ships, it’s a good thing that this item comes in a box that has no labels to tell what your shipment is.

Of course, it won’t be surprising if Sony made it difficult for Target to ship their items. This is, in fact, one of the highest selling items that will be arriving to date. Those who ordered from Target might want to confirm with their retailer the details about how their item will be delivered.