Apple is now producing computers using in-house developed processing chips that surpass Intel.

Apple is now producing computers

Apple is now producing computers using in-house developed processing chips that surpass Intel. The smart device giant has always gone its own way when it comes to computer chips and programming. Where many of their rivals would simply use modified versions of Windows, they develop their own OS. The same holds true for the technology in their smart devices. Which has been a major success for them over the years. Indeed, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod have been the undisputed kings of their various markets. With so much success is no surprise that the company now attempts to break into the computer chip market.

The Chip

Apple is now producing computer chips that are being introduced into their own variation of the Mac laptop. Specifically, the computers are using a processor designed by Apple chief engineers. Already, users have commented on the differences between the new chip and Intel’s processor which is considered the industry standard. Perhaps the most notable of these improvements is the ability to run Apple apps on a MacBook PC. This is in no small part thanks to the Apple processor referred to as the M1.

The processor features are only possible when engineers for the chip, software, and device work together. In other words, the in-house collaboration of the various departments from Apple are what made this possible. Amongst these unique special abilities include fine-tuning voice and facial recognition to appoint no other chip can match. Additionally, it’s claimed that the computers using M1 chip can play videos for 20 hours on a single battery charge.


As Apple is now producing PC computers hardware it’s impossible to see them going backwards. The tech giant has been influential in the development of smart phone technology. in both its own research and improvement for I devices and also enforcing his competitors to improve. For without competition there is no innovation. Now it seems that the company will bring that same innovation to the world of PCs.