Yakuza: Like a Dragon is full of secrets and habits to master to rule the game like a boss.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is full of secrets and habits to master to rule the game like a boss. This latest installment in the series has managed to maintain the nostalgia of the action-adventure roots. At the same time, it has fully embraced the RPG gameplay it is now following. As players explore the game learning the story and gathering characters, they see notable differences from previous games. One of the best examples is how the same system works. Being both easier and more complicated than previous titles. Another compelling difference between the games is the party members. Not all-party members are immediately available. some have to be found in order to join the character on his quest.

the game

Yakuza: Like a Dragon requires the character to expand his party by recruiting characters. Most of them are encountered and recruited along the way. Specifically, as the story progresses you find and recruit characters that drive the story. However, as is another staple of the RPG game several characters are optional. That is their characters that’s you have to unlock through special codes or missions. One notable example of an optional party character is the character Eri. Though you will encounter her several times in the game she can only be unlocked after you played a minigame. Rank high enough in the game and you unlock as a character to join your party. since this will take some time saving the game is key.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Is a game that will take some time to unlock all the achievements and characters. This means that’s needs to cultivates a habit of constantly saving the game. Most of the time a player can simply go to the menu and select save.

This will either overwrite an existing file or allow you to create a new one. Either way you save all your data and progress you’ve made in the game. however, there are several places such as boss fights were just before them with this save options not possible. In these instances, a player needs to remember to track down the unique save point. this will allow him or her to save all their progress. This is especially useful if you start a battle and realize you are missing critical characters to finish it.