The Boys Season 3: Where To Watch The Boys Cast While Waiting for the Next Upcoming Season

The Boys Season 3 is probably one of the highest anticipated returns on my list of shows to watch. With this whole pandemic thing happening, shows have really stuck it through to me, outdated or not. Mainly, I believe that this, despite being an Amazon Prime show, is one of the best shows on TV (or streaming rather) right now. It’s not just the great writing, or the great cinematography, but the satiric nature of the way they present superheo culture. And additionally, American culture. In times where the election is stressing everyone out, I can find a bit of solace in The Boys.

The cast of this show is immensely rich, varied, and indipendantly entertaining. That’s why I made a list of where you can watch some of their products. One good thing about these shows is that, not only are they from a bit of a different era of television, they are also complete. You won’t have to be waiting for a season 3 from most of these guys.

What can I watch while waiting for The Boys Season 3?

the boys season 3
The Boys Season 3 is just around the corner. But how can you spend your time waiting?

Garth Ennis’ popular comic book series have characters full of life. First published by DC’s Wildstorn back in 2006, in 2012 it was picked up by Dynamite Entertainment. Most cast members are old hats to the screen, while some are making their big break here. Others can be described as Hollywood veterans. All of them have this in common: they did so well on their respective roles for The Boys, that you almost can’t believe that they had any sort of reputation before. Anthony Starr alone has convinced people that he is so vehemently an antagonist that many people have taken his actor antics to heart. Many can’t imagine meeting him in person, even taking it to reality that he’s just really good at his job.

There are other movies, TV shows and mini series that portray these actors’ range of talents. You may have forgotten about the co-stars, but don’t worry. While you wait for The Boys Season 3, you can take a gander at what the stars and co-stars have to offer in other shows. In them you’ll find all the same talent, soul, wit and shock and awe that you found in the last season of The Boys.

Erin Moriarty as Annie January/Starlight

Erin is used to playing more victim roles than hero roles. So it must have been nice to try on the cape for a change. You can see her as Audrey from Martin Hart, and as Captain Fantastic. Hopefully in The Boys Season 3, they’ll be just as good as they were back then.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher

You may not know this actor by his real name, but surely you’ve recognized this guy from something. The New Zealander had a great role as Eomer in the Lord of the Rings sequels, as well as Vaako in The Chronicles of Riddick. He played as the title role of Dredd, and as Skurge from Thor: Ragnarock.

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell

Don’t let his meek hero archetype fool you, Jack has some incredible roles. He had some violent and shocking career roles in the Hunger Games, played as Logan Lucky, and even is in Harvey Girls Forever.