“Sims 5”: Electronic Arts have given a hint that there will be something new with the new generation!!

Sims 5 is a life-saving video game developed by redwood shores studio of maxis and electronic arts. The last version of sims four got announced on May 6, released in North America for only pcs. The first stimulation got released in 2000, and fans were eagerly waiting for its fifth stimulation.

But the good news is now the launchers of sims five has updated that sims five will be available for cross-platform on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. When the sim 4 was in process, the producer Grant Rodiek said they would not be thinking of sim five if the sim four isn’t successful.

But as you can see, sim4 was selling well and had great success . the idea of making of sim five got regenerated thankfully. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that The Sims’ future would focus on “social interaction and competition.”


The fifth generation of sims 5 is in development. It is most likely to get released in early 2012. However, there is no official announcement for the release of the next generation. But don’t panic. The Sims 5 is in the making, and Electronic Arts say so!!

Cost: Sims 5

While we are not sure what exactly sims five will cost, if we compare to the other blockbusters game launched in 2020, it mostly costs up to $50 mark.

Plot: Sims 5

Come over the cats, dog, and the characters of sim four and think about the sim 5.If we talk about the plot as one is familiar with sims stimulator, it revolves around controlling your characters and allows to play god. Electronic Arts have given a hint that there will be something new with the new generation. The fans are expecting something like that or more than.

Trailer: sims 5

The most awaited part is the Trailer. Youtube origins have made a fantastic trailer for the fans.