McDonald’s worker posts TikTok video showing that all their cup hold the same amount – but users call him out for faking it

An unnamed worker at McDonald’s claims proof that all the cups in the chain he works at hold the exact same amount of liquid.

In the video, he pours a small drink into a medium, and a medium into a large, and they all hold the same amount.

Every time he pours, the cups are filled. They have no ice in them.

Over 1.6 million people find the video amusing, angering, or funny.

The entirety of TikTok is puzzled about how this McDonald’s worker shows off the holding amount of McDonalds cups pours from cup to cup. In the video the fast food worker claims that all of the cups hold the same amount of liquid. And in the video he pours a small drink into a medium Cup and it fills it all the way. And then he pours the medium drink into a large Cup and it fills all the way. Most people find this simply amusing, and obviously not true.

Real or Fake?

Others are actually angry over the incident because they believe they are getting cheated. However, many people have stated that likely the trick of the eyes is that there is liquid in the other cups to begin with. Overall the clip has been viewed over a million times and the amount of viral activity the video has gotten is immense.

Many viewers were not fooled by the cameras tricks. So far video has more than 12,000 comments, mainly from people saying that it is a trick in the sense of how much liquid was in the cups before. Others are pretty angry, thinking that their drinks are cheated from them.

It’s interesting to see what the Internet can bring out in people. Tik Tok, despite its flaws, continues to be a mesmerizing place full of people’s attempts at five-second-fame and viral stardom.