Doja Cat Steals Metal Artist’s Song in Her New Remix of Hit Song Say So

Heavy metal seems to slowly be bleeding into the mainstream. Beyond the celebrity metalheads, now we’re seeing pop stars sample their songs in mainstream songs. Additionally, in tandem with Miley Cyrus covering a metal song, we now get to see Doja Cat perform her hit Say So but with a remix based off of a metal shred artist Plini. This fresh remix used the guitarist’s samples without his knowledge, and she was called out on Twitter for it. This remix of say so that fans never heard before, was only noticed by a few to be owned by someone else.

Only a few astute listeners could mark out the parts that were taken from Plini. Later on tweets, were exchanged over the ordeal. However, the shred metal artist did not seem mad, in fact he seemed pleased that she would use his material to create a remix of her own song. All jokes aside he retweeted and promoted the song and response.

You can see all the tweets below:

We haven’t exactly heard a response from the pop artist herself. She seemed to have taken the music from the metal artists without exactly asking permission. We’ll update this article if we know anything more about it. As of right now it seems that this remix is going uninterrupted into the public. The song she ripped off is called Handmade Cities, and was placed unedited into her remix of Say So.

If we know YouTube well enough, they might actually take the video down since it contains copyrighted music. But who knows, maybe this time the YouTube algorithm will ignore this little oversight? It would be immensely convenient, to say the least. As of now, Plini has made no official statement other than the tweet concerning the entire issue. He seems if anything, a little cheeky rather than genuinely mad. Fans however, remain outraged online.