“Spelunky 2” online multiplayer won’t be available on PC!! Here are the details about “The Single-player” and “Multiplayer Version”!

Spelunky 2 is a video game which has distinctive, quirky challenges with new highlights. It offers a huge experience intended to fulfil the requirements of the gamers. It is the next version of Spelunky 2008 and is available to play on ps4 and windows. But sadly, there is some problem that occurred to play on pc.

Launch: Spelunky 2

The launch of Spelunky 2 was held on September 14, in which the online multiplayer version is not available due to some errors. Sadly PC players need to wait for some time as developers need some time to identify and solve technical issues.

On September 14, only play station version 4 played. It disappoints many online gamers. The team decided to eliminate the tag of the online game for multiplayer so that fans or gamers do not feel deceived or misled.

Availability: Spelunky 2

The game can only be available in online single-player mode, but the team and the developers are making efforts to convert it into online multiplayer mode. The technical team has said that it will require some time to determine these specialized issues. They apologize for this mishappening and try to give their best shot to resolve this.

According to the sources we got to know that the developers have assured that it will take “few weeks at most” to fix this. But surely and after this launch, it will also support and will provide an opportunity to play on other devices like online PVP modes.
Those who have not yet brought are willing to buy it. You got a chance to enjoy the discount. Gamers can buy at a 10% discount, which means it has dropped from $20 to $18. So don’t miss this opportunity, and the multiplayer version will also be out soon. Gamers are ready to play this game soon!!

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