Pikmin 3 deluxe the Nintendo switch version of the Wii U game has brought new life to a beloved franchise.

Pikmin 3 deluxe

Pikmin 3 deluxe the Nintendo switch version of the Wii U game has brought new life to a beloved franchise. Specifically, it has brought the series onto a new device in addition to a new and wider audience. Ever since the original game was released with the Nintendo GameCube Pikmin has been a staple of the Nintendo franchise. While at the same time being one of the best unintended secrets of the company. While the game is wildly popular due to its many unique qualities it is often forgotten for long periods. usually due to the long gaps between title releases. And yet it always manages to regain its popularity when you release comes out.


Pikmin 3 deluxe Brings the the franchise to the newest device in Nintendo’s repertoire. Specifically, the game was released for the Nintendo switch in October 2020. while not the long hoped for fourth installment in the franchise is a faithful port of the original game. More precisely, it brings the gameplay and story of pigment three and puts it on the Nintendo switch. This move has breathed new life into the franchise. which is not seen a major game release since 2013.


Pikmin 3 deluxe Brings all of the aspects of Pikmin 3 back for the Nintendo switch. This includes finding and controlling the various Pikmin of the game. Also, the hours of fun and frustration in finding artifacts and defeating enemies in a beautifully animated environment. as with the previous installments the game is as much about strategy as it is venture.

As a player you need to know which Pikmin are best for a given situation and when to use them. Of course, that has always been one of the fun parts of the game in addition to its storylines. That being said, there are some differences that aggravate older players of the series. That being the distinct changes in the control system necessitated by the Nintendo switches layout. Even if most older players don’t want to replay the game there will be thousands of new ones who will. After all, everyone enjoys discovering a hidden gem like Pikmin 3 deluxe.