David Warner celebrates IPL win by dancing to Allu Arjun’s song Butta Bomma: Video taken goes viral instantly

When Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) absolutely destroyed the Mumbai Indians in the IPL recently, the Australian batsman David Warner, had his own celebratory plans in mind. He was a part of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team that won, and took on a celebratory dance. However, this dance, was a south style. The video we have from Instagram went viral almost the instant it went live. Fans usually flock to his social media posts, but this time more than usual came to both the virtual and physical party. Usually his posts get some attention, but this time it became something more than that.

This video contained David Warner celebrating his victory over the Sunrisers Hyderabad with his teammates. He celebrated at a party to the tune of Allu Arjun’s song, Butta Bomma (by Aka Vaikunthapuramuloo. Wow, what a last name!). This cricketer had a blast whenever this song started to play, along with his teammates. The signature step in this song got nailed passionately during the song.

David Warner: Veteran at going viral?

David Warner is prominently known for two big things. Firstly, he is a famous and really skilled cricket player. He’s grand at batting. But secondly, this guy is infamous for his posts on social media. He’s not a new greenie to being viral, and almost traditionally does so. He’s lip synced some famous songs from Telgu films. He’s additionally, not alone in this.

Many videos of his co star Candice Warner. Before, he’s danced to songs like Mind Block, Pakka Local and others. Netizens go pretty ape over his songs on a near daily basis. Amidst the lockdown, his fame has only increased. People being online has nearly doubled his view count, and his social media presence, along with his cricketing career, continues to grow. The hilarious poster continues to link on to trends and accumulate viewers.

Below you can see the video in question, the one that warrants this entire article. Check out his social media’s while you’re at it: they’re a riot!