Commandos 2 remastered is coming to Nintendo switch according to its current license holder Kalypso Media.

Commandos 2 remastered is coming to Nintendo switch according to its current license holder Kalypso Media. Of course, this is also the last of the major stations being released on. Specifically, it has already been released for Xbox, PS4, and PC. That being said, it should still provide hours of challenging strategic action. this remastered version of the game is its first release since the original commandos to men of courage. That title was first seen on shelves in 2001. However, this remastered version still contains all the qualities that made that title great. while at the same time adding new features that have enhanced the gameplay immensely.

the game

commandos 2 remastered maintains the same gameplay as the original title. That is, the player is in control of the squad of elite commandos each possessing unique abilities. The objective is to guide them through a series of dangerous missions behind enemy lines. These missions range from theft critical Intel to assassination of enemy leadership. The game also forces you to rely on what you can scavenge from the environment to maintain your unit.

Additionally, stealth is a key element to the game which is why the original and this remaster are considered challenging. It is very easy to be detected by the enemy’s you don’t maintain a stealth profile. Which is why this game has been hailed as one of the most challenging stealth strategy games ever. Also, the game is a constantly evolving organic combat zone forcing the player to adapt strategies on the fly. If he or she can’t change to these circumstances or fully master the skills of their characters they lose.


the most notable features of commandos 2 remastered are its graphics and improved user interface. The graphics have been made sharper and clearer up to the limits of the technology involved. Additionally, the new interface is much more fluid and user-friendly making for much more rapid and enjoyable experience. anyone who’s interested in playing commandos to remastered on Nintendo switch can do so on December 4, 2020.