Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl are officially a couple: “I never thought I’d feel this way again.”

Patrick Duffy, as we know, is hesitant about getting into a new relationship, but now he is dating the actress Linda Pearl.

According to him he couldn’t be happier. They both gave love another shot with the Happy Days album that debuted nearly four years after his late wife Carolyn died in 2017.

“I’m in an incredibly happy relationship. I never thought for a minute this would happen again. I never thought I’d feel this way again.”

The actor said that their romance first began amid the coronavirus pandemic last year. Despite the fact that the two were merely just friends before, they lost touch of their friendship overtime. However they reconnected when they were put in a group chat text with other friends. Eventually this joint conversation with friends led to them talking independently. After getting to know each other, Patrick supposedly loaded up his car and drove for 20 hours until he went to Linda’s home.

Are Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl Officially a Couple?

“I ended up on her doorstep just to see if she if it was real. We haven’t been apart since.”

Prior to the relationship with the actress, Patrick was married to Carolyn from 1974 to 2017. Once Carolyn died in January 2017 the actor was devastated over losing his life for 43 years. As time passed, Patrick assumed that he would never be in a relationship again. Even though it took Patrick long time to move on from his late wife, Patrick always had the support of his family and his children.

Fans couldn’t be happier for the two now that Patrick is swooning over a new love, Linda.  Fans hope that the two will have a happy and long life together. Despite the fact that fans have kept up with Patrick and his former wife, it seems they are overjoyed when hearing that he has found love again.