It’s National Doughnut Day! Here’s how you can celebrate today with your favorite doughnuts

National Doughnut Day

Today, November 5th 2020, is National Doughnut day. We can agree that after all the events of this week, that we deserve something sweet. And while we could debate all day about where is a good place to get a doughnut, we need to discuss “which” is your favorite?

Luckily we have a list! There’s a list of top favorites for everything at thethings.com, and this list we’ve found lists the most popular doughnuts from most to least. See yours anywhere?

  • Glazed
  • Chocolate Glazed
  • Boston Creme
  • Long Boston Creme
  • Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles
  • Jelly
  • Maple
  • Powdered
  • Double Chocolate
  • Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

I could eat any of those if I’m honest, I’m not picky. Fun fact: there are actually two National Doughnut Days. I’m serious! Originally the first is celebrated in June, and the second, is obviously this month. Apparently these days originated from the fires of war: World War 2 if I’m being exact. It makes sense that these two perfectly good doughnut days didn’t cancel themselves out because the other existed. Besides, who would be heartless enough to declare the end of a day about doughnuts?

According to history, The Salvation Army in Chicago held this day as a fundraising campaign for those suffering in the Great Depression, and helped the women who had served in the war, known as the Salvation Army Lassies. Those who wanted to support the war effort but couldn’t fight, mostly women, were put into food production. Women from our country were sent to France to serve meals and rapidly realized that their helmets were just perfect for frying doughnuts. And so it was that during wartimes, doughnuts of all things became a popular hit.

As for the other date, turns out it was just made to help boost sales by a retailer. Figures. But for me, it doesn’t matter the reason, any Doughnut Day is a good Doughnut Day.