The Biggest Questions, Fans are eagerly waiting to get answers in the Season 3 of ‘The Boys’

The boys season 3
The Boys Season 3 will answer these burning questions

The Boys season 3 is still too far away, but fans are still hung over the cliffhanger finale of season 2. Back off if you haven’t watched the boys Season 2, as the article contains major spoilers from the finale.

So, if you have made it till here, then you probably understand what you are getting into. Let’s go one by one and dive through the questions arising in everybody’s mind. Here we will discuss the endings of different characters and where it could lead them.

Stormfront: Is she really dead?

stormfront the boys
Stormfront in the finale episode of The boys Season 2

We last saw Stormfront when she was blasted by the Homelander and Becca Butcher’s Son. She was hurting Becca and the son defended her mom by firing laser on Stormfront. Her whole body was burnt and deformed. But wait, she has lived so long.it couldn’t have been possible without some extraordinary healing factor like Wolverine. If that’s not enough, we have seen the regenerative skills of Stormfront, when She made Homelander fire laser on her tits. I think that might be enough to assume that, she could be alive. Even if Stormfront is dead, Fans are not done with Aya Cash. She has become so popular that I don’t think creators will get rid of her so soon.

Victoria Neuman: How her SUPE identity could affect the storyline


The Boys Season 3 Victoria Neuman
Victoria Neuman reveals herself as The Head Exploding Superhuman

In the final scene, we saw Victoria Neuman was behind all the head explosions. That’s certainly was the biggest turning point of the season. She was working for the Vought. For the boys season 3, we could expect that she will handle matters for Vought more openly. There’s one more possibility that she could support Vought from inside the parliament too.

 Billy Butcher: Will Becca’s death make him go, rogue?


Billy Butcher the leader of The Boys. Because of whom the whole mess started. The bad boy of the group. The long quest of finding her wife has come to an end but it didn’t end well. The last hope of her life, Becca is no more. Killed by a Supe. It gives him all the motives to go rogue and declare war against Vought. But Becca’s son could lead him out of this rage. He could be the torch for Butcher’s Darkness. Well, Billy Butcher will be the person to focus on in the boys’ season 3.

Soldier Boy: Who is he?

Soldier boy
Jensen Ackles joins the boys in season 3

We got a glimpse of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier persona. How does he know Homelander? There are a lot of questions about Ackles’ but we have to wait for Season 3 for that. A fan theory suggests he could take over the leadership of the Seven and taking the condition of Homelander into consideration, it is likely to happen. But It would be impossible to ignore the might of Homelander. Filming will start in January 2021, so the wait could be too long. Comment down your fan theories till then.