The Boys Amazon prime’s superhero and dark comedy streaming show has been renewed for a third season.

The Boys season 3

The Boys Amazon prime’s superhero and dark comedy streaming show has been renewed for a third season. In fact, season three was confirmed even before work on season to begin. At least according to notable insiders on the production staff for the series. The series focuses on the conflict between the vigilante boys and corrupt corporate and arrogant superheroes. Given how season one ended with a bang (pun intended) it would be fascinating to see where the series goes. Besides the cliffhanger ending there are many possibilities for storyline in season three. Of course, none of it has been made available to fans of the series just yet.

Season 3

The boy’s season three has a great of expectation to meet when it finally airs. Not only did season one exceeds all expectations but season to manage to meet and match everything from season one. In fact, and even managed to sell couple of areas. That being said season threes storyline is basically nonexistent as far as the fans are concerned. While it has been confirmed that the writing team has been working on feet and three for some time.

That being said its unknown exactly what course they’re planning to take the series for the next season. The only bit of storyline that can be reasonably speculated on for season three is the cliffhanger resolution. Specifically, revealing who started blowing up during the Congressional hearing. The answer that question is going to be a major plot for season three without doubt. as for the rest of the series at this point it’s anyone’s guess. From possibly repeating storylines from the previous seasons such as with The Deep or revealing true loyalties of questionable characters.


The only other possible plot information for season three of the boys is the title of the first episode. This was provided by one of the script writers and if it’s true provides a frustratingly vague. Specifically, the title of the first episode is supposed to be “payback”. It will be interesting to see if whichever character is trying to get payback succeeds in the episode. And how that will affect the rest of season three of the boys.