Shadow of Mordor one of the most popular games inspired by Lord of the rings is shutting down.

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor one of the most popular games inspired by Lord of the rings is shutting down. Specifically, Warner Bros. has decided to shut down the server for the game on the last day of 2020. While it is unclear how this will affect gameplay on a personal device there are several areas that will be. Most notably online play will cease to exist. Additionally, several notable features that coexist between shadow Mordor and shadow war will cease to function. It is a disappointing but not unlooked for outcome considering the age of the game. However, the announcements made so close to the end of the year will cause a friend’s activity.


The news that shadow of Mordor is closing down at least the features has appeared that will no longer be available. Most notable monks this is the nemesis frog feature which amongst other functions allows the transfer of nemesis. Specifically, nemesis is from shadow of Mordor will no longer be able to transfer to shadow war. Which means that specific enemies or dominated thralls will no longer be in the integrated into your shadow of war game.

Another notable feature that will be affected by the server shutdown are vendetta and the leader boards. The latter will be disappointing because it will no longer mean being able to see who’s the best. More frustrating to certain players is the loss of vendetta missions. These missions are critical to unlocking specific achievements in the game. Which is why Warner Bros. is encouraging players to unlock as many achievements as possible before the 31st of December.


the most likely result of shadow of Mordor server shutdown announcement is a sudden flurry of activity. Specifically, since certain achievements will no longer be available fans the game will rush to achieve those. Additionally, as a final gift to all players before the server goes offline two unique runes will be given to all players. Still, it is sad to see one of the best fantasy games of the 2014 disappear from cyber gaming.