Amazon’s The Boys Season 3: Details and latest news about this season’s brand new cast members

If you have been following closely and watching keenly, episode after episode of The Boys, you will agree that we’re ready for a The Boys Season 3. The intriguing show by Amazon created blood thirsting suspense in the second season that wrapped up on Oct 9. At the end of the second season, the demand for The Boys season 3 by fans is getting more pronounced each day. Everyone is trying to figure out what will happen in season three.

Although there hasn’t been an appointed released date for season three, there is hope that it will start airing by 2021. It got deduced from what the producer, Eric Kripke told TheWrap during an interview. He revealed that The Boys season 3 will begin shooting in the early months of 2021.

Apart from this, what makes it sure that the shooting will kick start early next year is the released list by industry union website IATSE 83.

Future plot prediction of The Boys season 3

The ending of season two has made several fans of Amazon Prime and lovers of The Boys start making brilliant guesses about what will happen next. Many people have different predictions about what will happen in The Boys season 3. Some of these imply that Victoria Neuman will be the center of discussion and act.

Remember how the second season ended. It ended with the congresswoman, Victoria Neuman, being uncertain as to whether she’s working according to her devised plan or working in the interest of Vought.

Fan theories of The Boys season 3

Just as there are several predictions about what will happen next, multiple fans also have revealed some of their proposed theories that might be worth it, depending on your view and stand. Here are some of the storyline theories by fans.

Some of the fans think Neuman will be the main cheerleader, her powers will get murdered, and Homelander will break down since Stormfront got arrested.

Another fan texted on the fan page that Hughie and Mallory will figure out that Victory Neuman is a Supe and will become the point of conflict. The height of The Boys season 3 will be when “the boys” get to know they have been keeping the Supe line alive for a long time.

An Interesting theory by another fan is that Soldier Boy was never dead, and he has been alive for long. He might as well die a horrible death in this season whenever he decides to fight on his own with the Vought.

“It is for sure that many people will die in The Boys season 3, even the Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve will not be saved” This was another theory by one of The boys’ fan.

New Cast, and Returning Cast Members

The bloody ending of season two shows that the cast list has got shaken up, and we should be expecting new faces in The Boys season 3. There is no formal statement about the returning cast yet but we can draw up some list. Looking at the movie and thinking like the producer, here are the “supposed cast you should be expecting their returns”

Homelander (Antony Starr), Butcher (Karl Urban), Maeve (Dominique McElligott), Hughie (Jack Quaid), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), A-Train (Jessie Usher), Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), The Deep (Chace Crawford) Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) should all be back.

Some of the new faces/cast you should be expecting is Supernatural alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Soldier Boy. There are casts you should also bear in mind that they won’t be returning. Don’t be waiting to see; Stormfront (Aya Cash) and Becca (Shantel VanSanten) because they both had a sad ending in season two. It isn’t certain as the producer might decide to surprise you with their existence. Mind you, you will see Stormfront return because he’s not yet dead.

Expected release of The Boys season 3

The producer is yet to release an official statement, bearing the date of the release of The Boys season 3. Although he made a statement last week that revealed that the shooting will kickstart in 2021, nothing is for sure.

Playing by the released dates of the first and second season, which had ten months interval, we might conclude that the third season will come up in 2022.

Currently, the pandemic, Covid-19 ravaging human existence is affecting a lot of things. The virus is not making plans go the way they have got scheduled, and this might affect the third season.

Season 2 finale Victoria Neuman twist

Recalling from the part played by Neuman in the second season, she was the congresswoman fighting for Vought. She is the secret Supe who has been blowing up brains and unleashing terror on others. The twist is based on her inability to ascertain whether she’s working for Vought or herself.

Jensen Ackles’ character in season 3

The character of Jensen Ackles will be the Soldier Boy. He will be returning in The Boys season three to payback the Vought after his exposure to wars and killings. People thought he was dead, but he is very much alive.

Who is Soldier Boy?

The Soldier Boy

The Soldier Boy, acted by Jensen Ackles is a member of the payback team together with Stormfront. He is the leader of the team, a superhero with supernatural abilities. Although he is considered a weakling and coward, he is better than other superheroes and undoubtedly patriotic.

The Boys season 3 is going to be more bloody, exciting, and crazier than the first two seasons. It is going to revolve around Victory Neuman, whose power and identity will get exposed to the world. The Soldier Boy is also coming intending to avenge on the Vought. Will his mission be successful? Will Neuman win? Keep calm and anticipate for season three; the wait will soon be over.