Voyager 2 back in communication with her after eight months of silence from the home world.

Voyager 2

Voyager 2 back in communication with her after eight months of silence from the home world. The Voyager 2 probe which is in wondering on the edge of the solar system was contacted recently by NASA. This is the first contact with him since the Australia radio satellite was taken off-line for necessary updates. The probe one of two launched 43 years ago has been gathering data on the edge of the solar system. It now currently sits over 11 billion miles away from the plant of its origin. NASA scientists and engineers after bringing the Australia telescope back online have reported that Voyager is intact and responding.


So why was the Voyager 2 out of communication with Earth for eight months? The answer has to do with the initial mission of the probe. On its initial run to the outside edge of the solar system was tasked to orbit Neptune. Additionally, it was tasked with orbiting Neptune’s largest moon Triton. unfortunately, due to unforeseen gravitational forces Voyager 2 was thrown off course and out of the system plan. The system playing for those who don’t know is best described as a line. On that line since all the planets and the majority of the material that orbits the sun. Which means, Voyager 2 is now on a similar orbit to Pluto also orbits out of the system plan.

This means that of the three radio telescopes that NASA uses to communicate can’t reach Voyager. which is forced NASA to rely on the Australia telescope. However, the telescope has not been updated in over four decades. Which means it was in desperate need of repairs and system improvements. Fortunately, after eight months of maintenance the radio telescope is back online and able to communicate with Voyager. Though it is one of the longest distance calls ever and longest conversations. Due to the distance a reply from Voyager will not reach earth until 30+ hours after the message sent. Still, it’s good to know that one of the oldest NASA space missions continues to fulfill its purpose.