The Boys Season 3: 2021 filming start, new cast members, fan theories, and everything we know so far

The boys season 3
The Boys Season 3 will answer these burning questions

The Boys Season 3 is already ready to bang the screen again. Amazon Prime had accomplished season 1 and season 2 of the show. And now season 3 is onboard with all-new excitement and action. Although season 3 is coming as per the report, it’s not really early. The filming is most likely to start in early 2021. And that means fans have to wait for really long for The Boys Season 3.

Season 2 finale Victoria Neuman twist

Before The Boys season 3, the season 2 finale is making a buzz around the Victoria Neuman character in the show. The character from the beginning is portraying as a mysterious one.

In the whole season, Victoria Neuman seems is against Vought but in the season finale, her identity will reveal. A shocking revelation of her working for Vought will be unveiled. Also, the supes will get to know that the congresswoman is herself a supe.

All the while she worked for Vought only and she is behind all the head explodes happening. This is an ultimate twist in The Boys Season 2 where Victoria Neuman will head out as a super with lots of superpowers.

The Boys Season 3 Plot

The Boys Season 3 Victoria Neuman
Victoria Neuman in The Boys Season 2 Finale


Season 2 of The Boys leaving a lot of possible plot for season 3. The Boys season 2 is ending with a lot of twists and this making the season 3 plot quite interesting. Kripke already hinted at a bloody The Boys season 3 in his Twitter account.

According to the specs, season 3 of The Boys is going to be more threatening with a lot more action. Though there is specified information about the season 3 plot is possible to reveal more about Neuman’s twist and her original identity.

She might bang with new moves and action and openly work for Vought. Throughout season 3 Neuman works secretly for Vought being a supe herself. But as now season 2 finale revealed her identity there is a possibility of her coming out as a supe in season 3.

Fan Theories On The Boys Season 3

As soon as the creators announced season 3, speculations making it to the sir. There are lots of theories already around The Boys Season 3. And some of the most possible theories are making it around the return of Victoria Neuman.

As the lady revealed her supe identity very late, there is a possibility of her returning to the show in a completely new version. Also with the comic includes the Stormfront and soldier boy so it is most likely to Vought will make a comeback with an all-new team for season 3.

While Soldier Boy is confirmed in season 3, Stormfront is most expected in The Boys Season 3. More action and more dangerous affairs are to be there in season 3 of the most loved superhero story on Amazon Prime.

Jensen Ackles’ As Soldier Boy in season 3

The Boys Season 3 will introduced the most powerful supe of all the time, the Soldier Boy. And with confirming the character the creator also confirms the face behind the lead of season 3.

Jensen Ackles is going to portray the character of Soldier Boy and most probably in season 3, he will be leading the other supes. Though it is not confirmed yet the comic suggests the same.

The Boys are following the comic in a large way for all the seasons. And also we saw how Victoria Neuman turns to be a communist and a supe. That is mostly based on the comic, only that Kripke introduced a woman rather than a man as the secret supe.

Seeing the plot of The Boys season 2 finale it won’t be irrelevant to say that the Soldier Boy is going to lead the Vought’s Superhero team in the upcoming season. Well, Jensen Ackles as the Soldier Boy will definitely is gonna be a treat to the eyes.

Fans are really excited to see the amazing actor as the leader of the Superheros.

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Possible Casts And The Return Of New Casts

Though the maker has not yet announced anything on the new casts of The Boys season 3, there is an immense possibility of having most of the old cast in season 3. With the biggest possibility of Victoria Neuman returning in the show, Urban, Moriarty, and Quaid might reappear in season 3.

The Boys season 3 casts

Also, Antony Starr as John, Dominique McElligott Jessie T. Usher, Tomer Capon Karen Fukuhara’s entry for season 3 can’t be dismissed.

New faces will surely gonna introduced and Jensen Ackles is one such as Soldier Boy. Stormfront character also might be introduced by a new face but there is no confirmation about this as of now.

Expected Release Date For The Boys Season 3

Although the makers confirm the 3rd season of The Boys but other than that nothing is confirmed yet. The filming itself might start in early 2021 and not before that. COVID-19 and the pandemic is a major factor for the delay as the makers can’t risk the life of the cast and crews.

So, the show is not coming really soon and we can expect the show by end of 2021 or the earliest of 2022. Makers are yet to announce anything related to the release. Till then stick to screen for season 2 of The Boys.

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